Of course it also brings to table a great collection of features at a bargain price. Otherwise, they are identical: You must admit that the staff on [really hot] chipset components looks different, and its layer is really thin. This design was actually started by ASUS a couple of years back but it seems to have caught on quite well. If not, here you go. BioShock Infinite and Metro: By the way, this motherboard turned out quite temperamental about memory:

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Home Reviews News Forums. Now it’s turn to take a look at a top motherboard from the Platinum series. Note the on-board indicators. Intel P45 Motherboard Roundup: A quarter century tour; plainum Space Marine’s job is never done.

Don’t let the sun shine on it though as the reflection might cause some permanent damage to your vision. When we examined heatsinks on DrMOS chips, we were shocked by a thick layer of thermal interface under them. Is Topre Realforce the Realthing? This product line from MSI is notable for relatively moderate prices.

It actually looks pretty cool to my eyes and somewhat resembles an engine block. Besides, when a motherboard is switched on, these LEDs indicate operability of each expansion card installed as well as a number of active channels in all three voltage regulators.


MSI P45 Platinum – motherboard – ATX – LGA775 Socket – P45 Series

Latest News Latest Videos. This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. The opening between the NIC stack and the eSATA port is in place to allow air to plafinum through the case, through the heatpipe fins and out the back.

The board offers six USB 2. Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. MSI may even break the record in heat pipe density: The motherboard supports CrossFireX, one PCI slot will certainly remain free even if you install two graphics cards with bulky cooling systems.

Core 2 still pltainum

MSI P45 Platinum Motherboard

So the thick layer of grease under the heatsinks on DrMOS chips may serve as a thermal insulator rather than thermal interface. Joined with the plate on the Northbridge fortunately, it’s solderingall platinuj pipes bend upwards to form a “fountain” with extra finning.

We don’t understand why insulate these cool DrMOS chips MSI shows advantages of their thermal conditions in this strange video clip from the chipset heat. And finally, the fifth pipe goes from the second farther heatsink on DrMOS chips.

The board uses only polymeric capacitors made in Japan and screened chokes.

MSI P45 Platinum – motherboard – ATX – LGA Socket – P45 Overview – CNET

As we increased timings to in DDR mode, we expected no performance records from this motherboard. BioShock Infinite and Metro: It’s seems strange to use such a crude tool for overclocking.


Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Another two pipes go from one of the heatsinks on the VRM.

It looks imposing, it does not take up much room, it does not interfere with most CPU coolers, and most importantly, it’s not very expensive: But we have no doubts that the motherboard would perform on a par with its competitors in identical modes.

The cooling system is a real eye stopper. We can also mention a couple of jumpers not even buttons! You can also see two red mothwrboard that are oddly not placed next each other; one is an on-board power button while the other is a reset button. The NB heatsink is mounted with normal metal screws instead p455 plastic latches on the back side of the PCB.

Logitech’s intelligent solution to their smart home restores Harmony. Note plastic coating on the bottom of the heatsinks, where they don’t touch hot components.