The bag is pretty poorly constructed. I put the clubs in, picked up the bag by its strap and it tipped forward and all the clubs came out. Brian Peck 27 years old. No 3 Star Reviews yet. Woods and Driver initally held up until my swing speed picked up. Irons held up great. By Bigmiddy21 , Tuesday at

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I had bought a Maxfli Powermax driver back in April I play once 460cf week usually, and use the driver 460cc 6 times a round.

The bag on the other hand was very disappointing. The 3 wood is ok and I hit it decently. Your Golf shop or Sporting Goods Store acyivity measure your swing speed. I am very disappointed in that aspect. My first question is, why must we doff the beanie at the end of the round when we shake hands with our mates? Problem is it is 5 months later and I am a diehard golfer now.

I absolutely love them. I saw this on sale in a website and i tried googling up reviews but none came out. I’m no power hitter — the extremely thin body of the club head simply can’t stand the strain of being used at all, and buckles behind the head.


Series VS88 Complete Piece Golf Club Set | Buy Golf Equipment –

So why the tradition of men doffing hats in Euro-Christian society, while women get to retain their headpieces?

I bought this clubs atcivity summer when I started golf. These are amazing clubs. While much of golf etiquette serves a practical purpose, there are some dicta that activkty unnecessary obfuscations.

I hit it maxfll and thought was a good driver for the money. I bought this set took it straight to the driving 10 swings in the driver head cracked so I took it back a they gave me another driver so a couple weeks later at the course the head crack again! If you buy this set, might as well buy a decent driver in addition to it and consider the total cost.

So i did not take the chance of breaking the Driver. Register a new account.

Golf Complete Club Sets. I’m a total beginner to golf, but I love these clubs. The driver head split in 3 rounds. Shipping Details Please allow business days for delivery We ship across Australia, including major cities like: DO NOT buy these clubs unless you want to spend more money to buy another set after this one falls apart.


We’d love to have you! I hit the Removing the golf hat requires the arranging of ball, club, etc.

Series VS88 Complete 13-Piece Golf Club Set

Reviews 5 Add Review You need to be logged in to add a review. Posted September 7, Towel clip, raincover and umbrella sleeve Padding: Great anyways went out bought a nice driver 5 months since buying this maxxfli I’ve broke two drivers 1 3 wood bent a 5 iron and pitching wedge and started to as well!

However this past weekend I was playing and hit a monster drive And apparently only men are considered unpatriotic if their headgear remains intact during the playing of the national anthem. Review Rating Number of Reviews 3 4 0 0 0. Yes, Dick’s will replace, but why get yourself activkty into a set in the 4600cc place if the likelihood of breaking the driver is going to be high?

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