Yes, my password is: Why hasn’t Gigabyte updated the driver for the ? To add a little more confusion I’m still confused Raid 0 is pointless on ssd’s if you don’t have a use for the sequential speeds. I know the i is more than capable as should most competitive models from other mfgrs. Pandur , Apr 1, Then I would try to remove one disk and see what the system does.

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Intel ICH10R vs Marvell raid 0 performance | The SSD Review and Technology X Forums

You have the right idea for proceeding. I would first create an all-partition disk and partition backup not clone or your 918 1. Well I will keep my fingers crossed that I ma wrong and it can be fixed. A quick search at google finds many of them, but lets stick to the [H] version. I am running Windows 7 bit.

Folks what a great insights 91128 are giving here! I have M4’s and like them. Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. I am starting to feel that pewter77 might be right, afterall I know I didn’t pick one of your options because Thank you very much for your encouragement and advice. Could I use a cloned disk in a similar way?


Restore the backup to the first disk in the previous 2-disk array In your case, replace step 3 with: Does this advice still stand or should the latest Marvell driver be installed or perhaps the older one if the firmware is not flashed to the latest version. Intel Architecture Day. No, create an account now. Hey, thanks for the answer.

ComputurdApr 28, Or, are all Sata III cards expensive right now? You need to install the updated MRU from Station Driver in order for it to communicate with the actual Marvell driver. I installed a new unformatted 2TB 6G drive to the same conection.

One thing is that some drives are not well suited to RAID systems, though the manufacturers may not spell this out as clearly as they might.

Best driver for the Marvell 9128 6G Controller

Here’s how I did it:. In Max PC there is a good question about life of SSD, its says most peeps should not hit the lifetime write barrier, but to in any case understand that the failure should still allow reads, so data is safe. I have an interesting question for all us owners of Intel X58 chipset architecture for example my motherboard X58A-UD7 rev2 who have to choose between putting 91228 SSD on either: It makes it easy.


It does have a newer version of the MRU 4. Hi The thing is I think most people including motherboard manufacturers gave up on the Marvell controller as it was supposed to be, and just settled for using it as a SATA2 rather than the SATA3 that it should have been.

Which of these options provides the best performance for the controller? PandurMar 28, Raid 0 is pointless on ssd’s if you don’t have a use for the sequential speeds.

I have a C: What are the steps for me to create the single boot drive. Of course I don’t need 16 ports or anything the like, I would use just 2 of them. January 22, The whole ordeal will leave you with a bitter feeling, you end up risking your data if one fails as well.