Our other real-life test covers disk activity in a gaming environment. Active power values ranged from 3 to 2. There is, however, one company that has chosen to stick with the RPM 2. Dissipation Startup W, peak,max. The latency was near the bottom of the group, but the other two figures were near the middle. The cover of the 7K is silver, while the body is black and the underside is composed primarily of the circuit board. In this trace we recorded 2,MB being written to the drive and 1,MB being read.

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Advanced Format or “AF” as we will call it from here forward, utilizes the surface of the disk more efficiently by combining eight traditional byte sectors into a single byte or 4K sector.

This helps to improve capacity and error correction capabilities. In this trace we recorded MB being written to the drive and 7,MB being read.

hgsh Active Idle W, avg. These drives are being replaced with slower RPM drives with NAND packages that effectively cache the most common accessed data using pinning and other caching algorithms, in order to offer the end-user the speed of solid state and capacity of a hard drive.

HGST Travelstar 7K 1TB ” Hard Drive Review

It helps when comparing drives in every setting possible, but it doesn’t exactly work out into faster everyday usage or better game loading times. In this trace we recorded hgat being written to the drive and 1,MB being read. Seek time average, ms, read 4. For this reason we turned to our StorageMark traces, which include HTPC and Gaming traces to help readers find out how a drive might rank under their conditions.


The key sources of power draw get narrowed down to either the bright screen or the storage device used. Design Flexibility Choose 7mm design for thin and light or 9.

Why not 1K or 8K for that matter? Available in an industry-standard 2.

HGST Travelstar 7K1000 HTS721010A9E630 – hard drive – 1 TB – SATA 6Gb/s

For reference, HGST lists an idle power rate ranging from 0. In this test we include: The trace captures the heavy read activity of each game loading from the start, as well as textures as the game progresses.

Sector size bytes 2.

Capacity for Mobile Platforms. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website.

HGST Travelstar 7K1000 1TB 2.5″ Hard Drive Review

Tintri releases TGC 4. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Excludes command overhead 5.

However, the 7K’s target is a larger market – consumers that require robust capacity in their notebook computer or small form factor desktop hbst an economical price. One megabyte MB is equal to one million bytes, one gigabyte GB is equal to 1,MB one billion bytesand one terabyte TB is equal to 1,GB one trillion bytes when referring to storage capacity.


The 7K also provided a very low max 4k write latency, though its average 4k write latency was higher. Capacity 1TB of storage with enhanced availability EA feature to support low duty-cycle, always-on systems 9.

HGST Travelstar 7K HTSA9E – hard drive – 1 TB – SATA 6Gb/s Overview – CNET

Capacity Up to GB of storage for mobile applications; EA models support low duty-cycle, always-on systems 7mm Design Ultra-thin form factor supports sleek, slim portable system designs 5, RPM Performance Mainstream 7k100 for more power-efficient operation. Capacity Up to 1TB of affordable capacity to support portable systems. For the average consumer, trying to translate random 4K write speeds into 7o1000 everyday situation is pretty difficult.

The same was true of the Travelstar 7K’s performance in our real-world testing environments. Ultra-thin form factor supports sleek, slim portable system designs.

However, the 7K also had some areas where it shined. The 7K also leverages Advanced Format which increased the physical sector size from to bytes 4k. Travelstar Series Product Portfolio. The top cover is held on by six visible screws. The highest power values were found with reads at 3W. High Capacity 1TB of storage designed for mobile applications; EA models support low duty-cycle, always-on systems 9.