The table is far from complete, and is a work in progress. One further anomaly is the little mm f6. Or perhaps that block of serial numbers was assigned to a lens in a different lens line. I’d be willing to purchase any such references at a fair price, or pay for photocopies and shipping, or make arrangements for sending me high resolution scans either on Zip disks or CD-ROM. So, please, don’t pester the fine folks at Fuji U. Single Coated Reflections – Seiko Shutter. During the course of shopping for used Fujinon lenses, I came up with several questions that nobody seemed to be able to answer.

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What type of Toner and Ink that you sell in this store?

The following are excerpts from a major manufacturers: Current samples are EBC multicoated and in all black Copal shutters. If there is any shortage of certain item we will inform you either wait for item update or refund to you.

DocuPrint 240 A Drivers & Downloads

24a0 C seems especially sharp. Over the last couple years, I’ve been fortunate enough to use several Fujinon large format lenses. In between, many models have been discontinued and new models introduced. That’s what lead me to create of this web page. The table is far fuhi complete, and is a work in progress. Order pays on Friday, the seller will then process on the next working day which is Monday. Hope this helps, Rob Vinnedge. Nothing negative from me.


For some examples of EBC multicoating reflections, see Figure 6. Here’s some interesting questions I have not been able to answer by perusing the literature that I have access to. Early samples were single coated and in Seiko shutters. So, it doesn’t appear that either of the little f8 wide angles were ever offered with EBC multicoating. Copal B – this is the current all black style of Copal shutter. For an example of a Copal C shutter, see Figure 3. Since the various lines transitioned from guji coated to EBC multicoated over a period of a few years, there is no definitive date or serial number cut-off point for determining if a particular lens is multicoated.

I use the A.

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint A, A – CT (end 12/4/ PM)

With the limited data I have collected so far, the best you can do based on serial numbers is get a feel for the relative ages of two lenses of the same type. If you have any Fujinon large format lenses, and would like to contribute data to this table, please email the information on your lenses see Definitions below for a description of the column headings: In the limited amount of literature I have collected so far, the S suffix was used universally from through the late s perhaps earlier and later as wellbut was used very sparingly and inconsistently on the lenses themselves.


I have no personal interest in the soft focus Fujinon SF series, but for the sake of completeness, could someone please tell me if the current SF models are multicoated. The N prefix was also somewhat indiscriminately applied.

For an example of a Copal B shutter, see Figure 4. This is where things start to get a little confusing. Serial number data on Fujinon large format lenses, seems to be especially difficult to obtain, and from what limited information I have compiled, it is obviously not sequential. Thanks in advance for any assistance. However, I suspect this may be an error the Fujinon literature from this period is wrought with errors and inconsistencies.

This does not appear to be consistent fujji the literature. They are also the best source for information on current Fujinon products. I sold the A only because my Linhof select mm Symmar S was slightly sharper and had more coverage. The purpose of this web site is to share information, so all contributions are welcome and encouraged.

Will remanufactured toner cartridges void my printer warranty? I’ll start by posting everything I know, and with your help, hopefully we’ll be able to put together the pieces of this perplexing puzzle.