Maybe he can just make a fixed ISO for you The two responses seem to have got me working ok. Those enhancements were made to improve the speeds of connected devices, but they would help data transfer of any type. BAT as you may have noted. Most people will want this.

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Mount the VHD file. Let setup change the buffers Choose a username, f. Download them from there or from the FreeDOS repository.

Ethernet card – how to install in Freedos

This drove the cost of networking adapters and equipment down, which made it more affordable for home users. An 8-bit Western Digital WD Ethernet card from is very different from a NE clone in a PC, yet the packet drivers for each card make them look the same to the rest of the system. The approach that you choose will probably be driven by the applications that you want to use.

Especially exchanging files with the host is tricky. The name is a tongue-in-cheek sound-alike to Ethernet, and refers to the use of someone wearing sneakers as the transport mechanism for the data.

One of the great things about NCSA Telnet is that the source code is readily available for download – with the correct build environment, you can modify it! Here is my set of criteria:.


FreeDOS – User – Ethernet card – how to install in Freedos

Application software would use the API to send and receive packets. Almost every old machine can use floppy disks or the serial port for data transfer and for a machine that is rarely used that is all you need. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. I don’t remember exactly but Pscket think it should be: More information on mTCP can be found at http: Maybe he can just make a fixed ISO for you No matter if it is you or Blair who found the answer, please tell on this list how it works as soon as you know: So if you have a router with DHCP activated default and broadband internet, you just can start to surf the web by typing “Arachne” or download files with wget.

FreeDOS Networking with VirtualBox 4.x

Si Sent from Yahoo! A packet driver makes the hardware and network accessible in an easy manner. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. This shortcut starts the server C: So be careful to have a firewall or a router between the machine and the internet!

Replace the configuration with these files: Maybe it is at the right place in the freeedos CDs, I only have the small fdbasecd here The complexity of the hardware is hidden by the packet driver. Retrieved from ” http: Most of these other protocols work silently in the background so you do not need to worry about them.


Read the freedos wiki for details. Free forum by Nabble. There is a lot of software out there for networking using a packet driver and there are already a lot of resources on the Internet packey describe those resources.

FreeDOS minimal, without most drivers and memory management 2.

The FreeDOS Project blog: Tutorial: Installing extra software with FDIMPLES

This page was last modified on 28 Decemberat You can just place driver files anywhere you like, then make a reference to them in config. As a result, networking applications generally included code to talk to a few specific models of network adapters directly.

If you prefer the older FTP-server ftpsrv32 of the WATT32 applications, please start the server by entering ftpd Please be sure you have configured the configuration file C: