Switches are dedicated to either Fabric A or Fabric B. TPGs can be used to control which ports initiators can access the storage target on. This means that if I have a misconfiguration in Fabric A, Fabric A could go down, but that misconfiguration cannot be propagated to Fabric B. Each product takes a different approach to many of the day-to-day HBA administrative tasks. No reboots are required.

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Emulex has a proven HBA customer support center with a great deal of expertise and history.

Configure Emulex HBA to Boot from SAN

Customers can obtain HBAs through a variety of sales channels and HBAs are often bundled with SAN storage and servers from either the server vendor or the storage vendor. Server 1 and Server 2 are connected to both fabrics.

I create a emulec named Zoneset-B which includes member zone Server1 and Server2. The Emulex management software appears to be geared for efficient deployment and use in large environments, more so than the Brocade software. Muotipath manufacturers for HBAs are Emulex and Qlogic, and they both have their own multipathing software which is installed and configured on the client.

This provides a consistent process and scales well to large environments.

Emulex HBAnyware version 3. Controller 1 owns the disks where the LUN for Smulex 1 is currently located.

Brocade is fairly new in providing HBA customer support, as their traditional market has been for other types of products. ALUA is used by the storage system to tell the client which are the preferred paths for it to use.


A single click can switch between Host View and Fabric View as shown below.

Server 1 Zoning – Fabric B. Vendors make various performance claims, so we ran some basic performance tests with the Brocade and Emulex HBAs. Wikibon is a professional community solving technology and business e,ulex through an open source sharing of free advisory knowledge.

HBA operating environment support includes the drivers required for that operating environment and the support for the management software application for the graphical user interface GUI and command-line CLI uba.

The Emulex technique of preloading of the entire HBA software stack allows system images to be taken in preparation for batch deployment to large numbers of servers. TPGs can be used to control which ports initiators can access the storage target on.

Server 2 Zoning – Fabric B. I configure that on one of the two Fabric A switches, and it will propagate it to the other switch, which saves me having to do a duplicate configuration on both.

Verifying the Emulex HBA driver settings on FC systems

Direct paths to the storage system node which owns the LUN are marked as optimized paths. Emulex offers many HBAs in a wide variety of bus-types and form factors as shown in the table below. In SAN storage, multipathing intelligence is enabled on the client end host. This means that if I have a misconfiguration in Fabric A, Fabric A could go down, but that misconfiguration cannot be propagated to Fabric B. The screenshots below show the start and finish of this process, including an event log.

Multipathing is deployed in many Fibre Channel storage environments in order to provide more than one path between the server and the storage. On most storage systems, all ports will be added to a single TPG by default through which all initiators can access their storage.


No reboots were required for Emulex HBA firmware updates. In addition, Emulex allows the HBA drivers to also be pre-loaded. In addition to the batch mode firmware updates, Emulex also provides a batch mode distribution of HBA parameter settings by distributing a parameter file for the HBAs to any or all of the servers with those HBAs, which can be seen in the screen shot on the lower right side of page 8.

The firmware is selected, and then HBAnyware provides a list of those HBAs anywhere in the visible fabric that can use that firmware.

We found the event log to be quite useful, and would find it to be very valuable in managing large environments.

Muktipath access to their storage will invariably be mission critical for the enterprise, so we’re not going to want to have any single points of failure. The two fabrics are kept strictly physically separate from each other which emullex signified that the big red line up the middle of the diagram. The Brocade and HBAs are available through retail channels only.

This is critical in large environments where server reboots are not tolerated in certain circumstances.