Thsk, I used Windowns OS. As the other person posted on the thread the issue is the crosspoint switch which has stymied ever other user I have ever seen trying to make it work. Like Rory I was able to get 1 input to work in an instance. Other companies are making clones of the card and a way to get them to be able to use generic drivers and software would be great. I think I know the issue. Users can also hear recorded audio surveillance that was recorded to the DVR’s hard drive using the search and playback feature.

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The latest Android app version supports remote audio surveillance. All software support WDM driver can connect it. Posted May 25, Posted May 26, Btwincap use pin Mux3 of A chip to display image while kodicom card connect with pin Mux0.

This mobile app for Android also lets users search and playback recorded surveillance video footage from the DVR’s hard drive.

I can check out tomorrow at work what chip the cards I use have. This is quite difficult fvr pin Mux0 is very thin.


hi,Looking for software DVR card – DVR Cards and Software – PC Based Systems –

Then I just manualy shorted the input of camera with pin Mux3 by soldering. I tried several times my card with Bt but only was blue screen.

I think if the crosspoint chip differs then so do your results. Users can view their security cameras live from remotely over the Internet using WIFI and cellular Internet connections on Android cell phone and tablet devices.

But thank you for posting those screen caps. It realy is just sop-108 matter of shorten 4 the inputs with 4 outputs to disable the matrix chip. Posted May 19, But it still not work. I don’t understand what you did. Your card might have yet a different chip that works well with BTwincap.

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I’m interested in doing the same. Posted May 26, edited. Users can monitor live audio from up to 16 microphones in the app. I have installed Diginet and tried btspy–no go.


DVR Card and DVR

I vvr the datasheet of A chip and I have found why My card always not work. Hik-Connect is a video surveillance software. These grid views are available in live mode and recorded playback mode. Sign in Already have an account? Posted June 27, This menu option is available on the live screen and recorded playback screen.

The Kodicom cards and their clones might have different crosspoint video chips.

The more details the better. Already have an account?

I got a Geovision card working using BTSpy. I know I’m not the only user that has gone blue in the face trying every profile in the BTwincap driver.


Posted May 27, How to resolve this issue? Alfred Home Security Camera. Posted May 22,