Attaches all files to one E-mail. If two lines are used, select the line used to send a fax. The following describes details on the option settings. We recommend that an important original is converted to a PDF file that can be encrypted. You can convert a fax into a file except when the destination is a fax.

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Select [Left Bind] for originals of left binding, and [Right Bind] for originals of right binding.

Select this option to prevent a back-side bleeding when printing a double-sided original that is so thin that the contents of the back side would be scanned. You can manually enter an E-mail address. Comprehensive Output Solutions Productivity meets resource conservation in the bizhub series. Specify a forwarding destination for a received fax. Scan both sides of an original.

You can erase the four sides of the original to different widths.

bizhub 423/363/283/223

You can select the text to be printed from the registered fix stamps and arbitrary registered stamps. Select a filing page unit when an original consists of multiple pages.

When scanning a double-sided original, you can specify the original loading direction so that the vertical direction is set correctly after scanning. We recommend that an important original is converted to a PDF file that can be encrypted. You can select a print position in biizhub page and format. Also enter the password. How will bizhub change your workflow?


Configuring the Fax/Scan Transmission Option Settings

If you select [Not Specified], the body specified by default will be inserted. Select the setting appropriate for the contents of the original, and scan the original with the optimum image quality. When using two lines, select the line for which the Forward TX function is set, and click [Edit]. Also specify when to start fax transmission. Software Learn about the full of PageScope management software. Select whether to scan the biahub and back sides of an original automatically.

Erases the shadow created in the center when the original vizhub cannot be closed properly due to the thickness of the original. Select this option to scan an original with the colored background such as a map. Select the language used in the original to correctly recognize text data.

Adjust the density of the background area when printing originals with fzx background newspaper, recycled paper, etc. About Us Innovation History. Adjust the density Dark or Light to scan the original. A received fax is forwarded and printed on this machine.


When there are too many original sheets that cannot be loaded into the ADF at the same time, if you load them in several batches and handle them as one job, select [ON].

Using the Forward TX Function

Select this check box to convert all pages to a single file. Scan one side of an original. Attaches all files to one E-mail. This is helpful to prevent a fax from being sent to an incorrect destination.

If [No Selection] is selected, either line, whichever is not busy, is used for transmission. You can select a print position and format. Select this check box to convert each page to a separate file. Are you in United States? Select the biding position of original biizhub scanning both sides of the original.