If you can give me some details it would be great. There is a fixed amount of intelligence on the planet, and the population keeps growing: Do you already have an account? AnnaAngstmann 14 Oct What Xonar card and motherboard do you have?

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The ads are placed so that there is minimal interference with r2x reading. Updated notes about Windows 10 version compatibility. CarvedInside 03 Dec CarvedInside 30 Aug Kim 30 Nov Before, did you manually disable “Speakers” I do not know which version Contents [show more] [hide] 1.

You can submit your custom made icon, application or any other little enhancements that can make UNi Xonar better. Mate, this is quite an effort that you have put in and I don’t know about other people but myself; I’m extremely greatful for your efforts. If dx looking for a good icons, try these. Comments have to comply with these rules: I have the Xonar DGX on asrock abm pro Trigger is the start of If you want to upmix the stereo sound from youtube to be played through all 5.


Install the latest unixonar driver [UNi Xonar W10 v1.

XonarSwitch Beta Testing

If you card was manufactured before year you need to update its Xonae PCI-to-PCI-e bridge firmware as the original firmware had some issues especially with some motherboards.

This is a driver problem. It really was an effort and it means a lot that you realize and appreciate what I have done. I’ll update the BIOS and report back, thank you.

Have you tried plugging the card in different PCIe slots? Thanks to propheticus for his contribution. The ads are placed so that there is minimal interference with page reading.

This option seems to do nothing. No, it does not. Did the card worked before the new PC? Please disable adblock for this website and refresh this page if you: You can find the fix here.

Asus Xonar D2X compatibility issues with windows 10 | Overclockers UK Forums

Unified driver for the following cards: Alternatively, you can support us by making a donation. If i close winamp, I can asjs to stuff like youtube fine however. Bob 30 Nov Case is right, there is no 5.


When new original audio drivers are made available eg: I am returning the card and will see if it will work with another extender. No registered users and 0 guests.